What benefits are available to me if I am injured at work in Missouri?

Payment for Permanent Disability

Once your treating doctor finds that you have reached “maximum medical improvement,” or been released from care, and that you have a permanent disability, you may be entitled to receive a permanent disability payment. This is similar to a settlement. For most work injuries, this settlement is for your “permanent partial disability.”
This means that you have some permanent effects from your work injury, but you are still able to return to the workforce, either in the same or a different job from what you had before the injury. Sometimes, a work injury will cause “permanent total disability.” This means that you
are no longer able to work at any job. This settlement can be negotiated as a lump sum amount or a weekly lifetime benefits. The amount of these weekly payments are calculated at 66 2/3 of your average weekly wage before the injury up to a certain maximum amount prescribed by law.

If you have questions about these benefits or you aren’t receiving the benefits you think you are entitled, contact a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney to help you with your claim. You may contact the workers’ compensation attorneys of Smith & Daiber, LLC at 636-294-6170 or for a free initial consultation.

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